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  • The Lambton Institute of English fosters a safe and reassuring learning environment for students who want to improve their English proficiency and pursue post-secondary studies in Canada or the US.
    Students accepted into the Lambton Institute of English are also conditionally accepted into select universities from across Canada and the US. Students who complete the ESL program at the Lambton Institute of English can further their university education through one of the select pathway programs.

    For the last 47 years, Lambton has developed a reputation for delivering high quality programs. The Lambton Institute of English is one of Canada’s first mobile device ESL programs which uses interactive software and programs within its curriculum.

    The Institute employs qualified teachers who have university degrees, more than three years of domestic or international teaching experience, and TESL certification. We are a language school dedicated to the success of our students based on pillars of excellence built over the years.
    Why Study at the Lambton Institute of English?